At Nacora Trade Credit we pride ourselves on our Client Focus, a drive towards Innovation, and a willingness to do what it takes to make sure the job is done right.  We espouse transparency and we view our role as advisors to CFO’s and their key delegates surrounding globally complex Trade Finance and Trade Credit issues.  Our roles are all entrepreneurially driven, where key transactional brokers are supported globally by Staff, Associates, and a Globally-focused Compliance team.  With offices in over 30 countries, we have the presence and capability to do deals around-the-globe.



Senior Insurance Advisor

Insurance markets are complex and you have a strong understanding on how to navigate global insurance carriers, including experience working with Export Credit Agencies, placing business with Lloyd’s, or structuring transactions in complex markets, such as Bermuda, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg or other similar jurisdictions.  You’ve previously been in a role for insurance origination or insurance brokering and have managed individual accounts with premiums in excess of $500,000 as either an Insurance Broker, Account Executive, or Underwriter.

You understand what it means to have a global network and are willing to work within an organization where your peers will be a source of technical and market innovation and expertise, and in-turn you believe in behaving with reciprocity.

You are considering Nacora Trade Credit as you’ve contemplated a shift from your current company and you want to work within a Global Corporate in an entrepreneurial manner.


Senior Capital Partner


With experience in Origination you bring a capability to lead Syndicates, Clubs, or other similarly complex structures which involve the coordination of multiple lending partners.  You have previous experience in Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Project Finance, or Financial Institutions Underwriting / Adjudication.  You are a thought leader and acknowledge that closing financing is a story of an individual matching corporate appetites and profiling the value proposition.  You are comfortable explaining the role of Boutique Capital and are excited when presented the chance to work with colleagues on closing deals outside of your core industries.  You want to lead your own team and represent your clients on a global stage with a global brand.  You are comfortable being hands on with your credit or in working with Transactional Credit Advisory to be accountable for the life cycle of the deal.

You desire an entrepreneurial work environment and thrive on the pressures it provides.


Apprenticeship Program

We run an apprenticeship program for future thought leaders in the world of Trade Credit.  Participation in this program is highly selective as it constitutes a draw from our deal-teams and a commitment to help support the growth of an individual with the goal of becoming a globally recognized transactional-lead in the world of Trade Credit and Trade Finance.  It is a 5-year program.



Are you a Trade Credit broker that is looking for a transition plan and sale of your book?  If so, please contact us to discuss fit.