We are world-experts in the funding and risk transfers associated with the sale and installation of Production and Automation Equipment. From Weld-cells to Robotic factories, we understand how to manage payment risk and secure funding on contract installations.

With specific expertise in the Automotive sector, Nacora is the world expert in PPAP insurance coverage and has maintained a strategic role in the Automotive Tool, Mold and Die Sector.


We navigate complex Trade Credit structures including:

  • Traditional Receivables Insurance Coverage
  • Off-Shore Captive Structures
  • Political Risk Coverage
  • Medium Term-Tenors
  • Bank Margin Lines and WIP lines
  • Letter of Credit Coverage
  • Surety and Financial Guarantee Products


We provide completely custom solutions for Banks, Hedge Funds, and other Institutional partners looking to secure insurance partnership for Bi-lateral and Syndicate risk sharing structures.

With significant experience in capitalizing Trade deals where you need to leverage insurance as risk-carriers, Nacora has worked through complex losses and has experience with many best-in-class organizations to bring to bear in support of executing deals.

Clarity on Insurance + Funding on Trade deals

Family Offices

We provide extensive brokerage services to family offices with regional to global reach ensuring:

  • The entire portfolio of risks is addressed as a whole
  • Maximum cost savings can be achieved through pooling of risks
  • Consistency is achieved through a single long term point of contact

We can support your global Trade Credit and contractual payment obligations as well as all property, casualty, and professional liability risks.